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Bench Warmer Sponsor Package

Bench Warmer Sponsor Package

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Executive Summary: The Basketball Club is a community-based program aimed at providing free basketball training and mentorship to children in our community. Our program operates on Friday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, offering a structured schedule of activities including warm-ups, skill development, games, and educational sessions. We rely on volunteer staff and funding from local businesses who sponsor the program in exchange for promotional opportunities. Our mission is to not only develop basketball skills but also instill values of teamwork, discipline, and community involvement in our participants.

Business Description: The Basketball Club seeks to fill a gap in our community by offering free basketball training to children who may not have access to such opportunities otherwise. We believe in the transformative power of sports, particularly basketball, to positively impact the lives of young people. Our program is open to all kids in the community, regardless of skill level or background.

Market Analysis: Our target market consists of children aged 8-15 in our local community. With the rising costs of youth sports programs, there is a growing need for affordable or free alternatives. Additionally, parents are increasingly looking for programs that offer not just skill development but also character-building elements.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: Our marketing strategy revolves around partnering with local businesses who serve as sponsors for our program. In exchange for their financial support, sponsors receive prominent placement of their logos on our banners, flyers, website, and other promotional materials. Furthermore, business owners are invited to speak to the kids about their businesses during program sessions, fostering a sense of community engagement.

Operations Plan: The program will run every Friday night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Boys & Girls Club in Post Falls, ID. The schedule includes: 6:30pm - 7pm: Warm-ups and dribbling drills 7pm - 7:30pm: Shooting and layup practice 7:30pm - 8pm: Defensive drills and games 8pm - 8:30pm: Educational session and Q&A with guest speakers Volunteer staff members will be responsible for leading these activities, with oversight from the program director Nikii Dixon. Program funds will cover rent, equipment (such as basketballs and uniforms), Club supplies, insurance, shirts for participants, and the program director's salary.

Financial Plan:

Initial one-time expenses:

-25 Basketballs: $1,000

-Club Supplies (Reversible Jerseys, Cones, D-Man, Shot Blocker, Dribble Goggles, Ball pump, First Aid Kit, and Etc) : $500

Total: $1,500

Monthly expenses:

-Rent: $240 ($2,880 Annually)

-Insurance: $30 ($360 Annually)

-Program Director's Salary: $3,000 ($36,000 Annually)

Total: $39,240 Annually

Revenue will primarily come from sponsorships by local businesses. Sponsors can choose to support the program on a monthly or annual basis, with sponsorship packages tailored to their needs. Additionally, we may explore fundraising events or donations from community members to supplement our revenue stream.

Sponsorship Packages:

-Bench Warmer: $25 a month (12 months = $300)

-Rookie: $50 a month (12 months = $600)

-Superstar: $100 a month (12 months = $1,200)

-Savage: $500 a month (12 months = $6,000)

-Beast Mode: $20,000 (Once)

Conclusion: The Basketball Club is committed to providing free basketball training and mentorship to children in our community. Through partnerships with local businesses, we aim to ensure the sustainability and growth of our program while fostering a sense of community engagement and support. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of young people through the power of basketball and mentorship.


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