Mindset | Break The Cycle

Mindset | Break The Cycle

Each day is one of a kind. The wind blows wild as it pleases and the animals roam freely meeting their hearts desires. No stress about yesterdays troubles or what the future may or may not bring. Just embracing each tasteful touch of life, that is presented to them each day. 

As humans, we are notorious for creating stress in our daily life. We bring yesterdays troubles into Todays blessings and we bring Todays hardships into Tomorrows grace. Can we push the reset button and start each day fresh and new? Can we take a deep breath and let Today be a blessing with zero noise from yesterday? Can we enjoy the touch of love that is reaching for us with every passing second? Can we truly allow ourselves to live?

Take some time with a piece of paper and pen. Write down how you would feel, having a day free from stress, pain and troubles that seem to find you no matter how far you run. Then write down healthy thoughts, habits and words of affirmation that you can add to your daily life.

Your mindset dictates your actions. Your actions dictate your daily outcome.

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